Wesley went inside to change up, he came back to
the sitting room to meet is brother Kingsley
WESLEY : bro was up
KINS : fine
WESLEY : kinsley, dont tell me you still go for
KINS : you saw it right
WESLEY : and why did you have to keep your bag of
weapon on my room
KINS : because of my wife, she has been
suspecting my movement with that bag, I know she
have also been searching for it, that’s why I kept it
in your room, he cannot enter your room
WESLEY : but don’t forget I also have visitors every
KINS : I know please be watchful for me
WESLEY : I thought you have returned them, you
told me if you get married you will change
KINS : I will quit it, but not now
WESLEY : you have to quit it, this was what you did
in your university life, you were a very dangerous
guy then in school, you go for robbery, despite
money enters your account every week
KINS : wesley can you just forget this discussion
WESLEY : I will not, you were complaining then in
school that mum dont pay enough money to you in
school then
KINS : Yes
WESLEY : then what about now, you have a big
company that is under you, money enter your
account every week
KINS : I know bro, I am having enough money, my
boys need money too
WESLEY : you give them a job, open business for
them, you have the money
KINS : does all those my partners tell you they need
a job, do they look like someone who can work in
WESLEY : wesley you have to stop going for
robbery, you have enough money
KINS : I am not after the money, I am bored in this
WESLEY : then you go to work
KINS : office is the worst, I dont always understand
them when they are doing business meeting, I just
sit with them there looking like a moron
WESLEY : then you have to learn
KINS : I dont go for robbery because of money, I
have enough money, I just go to have fun
WESLEY : you steal from innocent people, you are
calling it fun
KINS : Yes is fun to me, we steal money from them,
I dont take a kobo from it, I leave it for them
WESLEY : you dont take share from it, then why are
you still going for operation
KINS : fun, there is fun in it
WESLEY : you have to stop, you have to return this
guns to them
KINS : I will stop
WESLEY : is risky
KINS : tai, nothing dey happen
WESLEY : what of favour, is she still with you guys
KINS : Yes oo, she still dey
WESLEY : you have to stop it, else I will report you
to mum and your wife
KINS : I know you cannot do it , you cannot expose
your bro
WESLEY : you have to stop
KINS : dont worry I will stop
(I walk in and told wesley that is food is ready, I
served him the food, after eating he left to bring is
girlfriend to the house)
WESLEY : baby you are welcome to my house
ANITA: is being long I came here last
WESLEY : that’s true
ANITA : baby I am hungry
WESLEY : okay let me call Rita
WESLEY : Rita, Rita
RITA : Yes, you called me
WESLEY : please bring food for my visitor, please
add to eat because I will eat, serve it in one plate
RITA : okay
(I walk away to serve them the food in the sitting
room, few minutes later, I was passing going to
outside, when I looked at them, they were done
eating the food, I just ignored them, but wesley girl
called me back)
ANITA : hey come back here, we are done eating,
come and take away the plate and tidy up here
RITA : are you talking to me
ANITA: Yes I am talking to you, come and tidy up
RITA : I should tidy up here for you, as your what,
so you cannot clean where you eat with your
ANITA: and why will I clean it, are you not the maid
RITA : and so, you are supposed to show your
boyfriend some respect by cleaning up here and
removing all this plate
ANITA: I cannot do that, when there is a maid in this
WESLEY : Rita take away the plate, is that not the
reason you are in this house
RITA : I cannot remove it
WESLEY : are you mad, look at this maid oo, are you
going against my order, do you want me to sack
you (Kins and charity walk in )
KINS : what is it, wesley
WESLEY : dont mind this your maid oo, me and my
woman called her to come and tidy up here after
eating oo, she refused, she is asking my girlfriend
what happened to her hand
KINS : she cannot remove the plate for you nah,
your girlfriend is here
WESLEY : why won’t she, is she not a maid
KINS : maid, she is not a maid oo, she is my wife
elder sister
WESLEY : your wife sister
KINS : Yes
CHARITY: Rita please remove the plate, anita is only
a visitor, try to be nice nah
RITA : nice, then you remove it for her to show her
some kindness, please (I walk away )
KINS : what is wrong with your sister
CHARITY : I dont know oo, she get angry easily this
KINS : I think all is not well with her , you have to
confirm it
CHARITY : I will
WESLEY : your wife sister
To be continued. …