( EPISODE 23 )
The next day, wesley got ready to go to work, on is
way to work he met us in the sitting room )
WESLEY : bro na movement oo
KINS : I don see am, wesley relax, you just arrived
nigeria yesterday, you need to rest, next week you
can go to work
WESLEY : I am fine, I am strong, moreover I did not
walk from London to Nigeria, I used flight, so I am
KINS : I still think you need rest
WESLEY : no o, I need to go to work, is being long I
visited my company, and I need to go and see that
girl jacob is talking about
KINS : noi let woman go kill you ooo
WESLEY : jacob say if you see her backyard, bro I
need to go and see it, and probably try my luck, you
know that no one can resist me
CHARITY : and why can’t they resist you
WESLEY : why did you not resist my brother, when
he was running after you
CHARITY : are you asking me that
WESLEY : Yes, because he is handsome, so with
me, I am too cute to be resisted
CHARITY : for your mind
WESLEY : I will not stay long, let me just go and try
if I can do
KINS : dont go and start doing that girl in your office
WESLEY : ehnm, ok bathroom na
KINS : no bathroom, bring her home
WESLEY : bros, Bros, I should bring her home, hmm,
you want to observe too abi
KINS : not that, I dont want you to go and start
fooling yourself in your company
WESLEY : is my company, I can do whatever I like
KINS : na you know
WESLEY : I will come back soon
KINS : why na, you have to check the way they are
running that company, is being long you left for
WESLEY : that will be next time, my woman is
coming today
KINS : which of your woman
WESLEY : I did not say babe oo, my woman mean
my wife, my love
KINS : Anita
WESLEY : Yes bro, Anita my heart
CHARITY : so you even have a serious date
WESLEY : Yes nah
CHARITY : then you stop cheating on her
WESLEY : I am trying, I have to go now, kinsley wish
me good luck
KINS : good luck on your free entry
WESLEY : thank you
(He left for work, three hours later, wesley returned
from work, he met me in the sitting room )
RITA : wellcome
WESLEY : thank you, where are the rest people
RITA : your brother is in his room, his wife has gone
to the market
WESLEY : please I am hungry, is there something to
RITA : no, but let me quickly prepare something for
you to eat
WESLEY : alright thank you (I left to the kitchen )
kinsley, kinsley I am home, I am back
KINS : wetin, why are you shouting my name, is like
you really had enough of her
WESLEY : I am hungry
KINS : hungry, wow so you succeed, where is Rita
WESLEY : she is already preparing something for
me to eat
KINS : how far nah
WESLEY : bro na bad market
KINS : wetin happen, she noi gree
WESLEY : the girl don marry, if you see wetin God
dash am, you go ask God wetin your wife do am
wei make God give am small one
KINS : meaning
WESLEY : meaning say her back side noi be here oo
KINS : so she is married
WESLEY : Yes, when I saw her first, she was
wearing a wedding ring, I thought she just placed it
there, I started talking to her, she said she is
married, I told her she is lying, until she showed me
her wedding pictures on her phone
KINS : ayah
WESLEY : he pain me, if I catch jacob I will blow that
is mouth
KINS : what did he do
WESLEY :He was the one, that kept on telling me
about this girl
KINS : maybe he did not know that the girl was
WESLEY : Yes that what jacob said, he dont know
KINS : that’s it
WESLEY : I just wasted my time thinking about
married woman, I did not even sleep well last night,
because of this girl
KINS : hahahaha
WESLEY : bro, the girl carry back
KINS : I will like to see her too
WESLEY : Bro, bro, I know you still have feelings for
things of the world, I warned you not to get married
now, I warned you, you noi listen
KINS : I am not regretting
WESLEY : then you stay home and be observing
your wife
KINS : bad boy
WESLEY : I am coming, let me change into
something else
KINS : ok na
To be continued. ……….