One week later, wesley returned from London, he
and his brother Kingsley just arrived from the
WESLEY: I miss home bro
KINS : you are welcome home my brother, I have
missed you so much
WESLEY: Yes oo, where is your wife
KINS : she will be inside
(Then I walk pass)
RITA : good afternoon
KINS : how are you, please help me call my wife
RITA : ok, I will do just that (I walk away )
WESLEY : mehn, who is she
KINS : wesley you are just coming, arrange yourself
WESLEY: I am just coming does not mean I will
sleep in that room without a girl today
KINS : you have not changed
WESLEY: I miss our African girls so much ooo, I
have to go and collect my simcard from my room,
so that I can start making call, I need to start calling
them oo
KINS : who do you have in mind to call this night
WESLEY: to say the truth ehn, I would have love to
call nneka, bro that girl dey too much for bed
KINS : you call am nah
WESLEY: noi mind the girl oo, she don go marry oo,
I noi know who send am make she go marry
KINS : ok, she should be waiting for you abi, you
don’t want to marry that girl
WESLEY: for where I noi marry oo, I will be going to
office tommorow
KINS : why na, you need to rest
WESLEY: no am not complaining, jacob said they
have employed a new staff, she said the girl back
side dey confuse them for office, e they even dey
make dem to do wrong entry when balancing and
KINS : wesley
WESLEY: Yes oo, even if the girl noi give me do,
make I just see wetin she carry for her backyard
KINS : hahahaha
WESLEY: is not funny at all, I need to see it (then I
walk in)
RITA : brother, your wife said I should ask you,
what you and your brother would like me to prepare
for you both
KINS : wesley hafa na, wetin you go chop
WESLEY: vegetable stew and yam
KINS : Rita you heared her
RITA : ok (then I walk to the kitchen )
WESLEY: so kins, this girl na maid
KINS : you dey forbid maid
WESLEY: no o, I can go after a maid na, let me
divert my thinking
KINS : so you have started thinking of something
before abi
WESLEY: kins what are you and your wife
employing a maid for, when you were alone, you did
all the house work alone, you have a wife now you
employed a maid, is she that lazy or she is
pregnant that’s why you have a maid
KINS : calm down bro, let me explain to you (charity
walk in)
WESLEY : hmmm, look at my wife
KINS : is not your wife
WESLEY : I hear you, charity how are you
CHARITY : wesley I am fine, how was your trip
WESLEY : it was fine
CHARITY : how about mama
WESLEY : mama is fine, charity you are looking
CHARITY : are you sure
WESLEY : which one is if am sure, kins dont you
Have mirror in your bedroom or bathroom
KINS : he dey na
WESLEY : I am sure you have been seeing yourself
in mirror, you where not like this na, you were not
like this when my brother came to rescue you from
your father house
CHARITY : hahaha, he did not come to rescue me
oo, he came to marry me
WESLEY : my brother is really trying, I swear if I
see you for outside I go pass you, I will not
recognise you
CHARITY : is okay
WESLEY : no, leave me alone let me praise my
brother, kins I can see the hand work of your
money all over her
KINS : Bros what to do, I have to take care of her
WESLEY : you try, charity oya go and tell your
husband thank you.
CHARITY :for what na
WESLEY : for what he did for you, stand up, go and
kneel down and say honey thank you
CHARITY : leave me jor
KINS : that’s why you need to settle down and get
married too, stop spending your money on street
WESLEY : hahahaha, kins, you dey advice me, park
well na
KINS : wetin that one con mean
WESLEY : you noi fit advice me na
KINS : I have changed, I am no longer in world
WESLEY : I hear
KINS : you need to settle down
WESLEY : dont even start brother, I am not ready at
all, I never ready oo
KINS : why
WESLEY : being married is a big bondage oo, you
will no longer have access to the things of the
world, all because you want to be faithful, me I noi
fit oh
KINS : you noi fit
WESLEY: I noi fit, she might end up seeing me
flirting with another girl, and she will start crying
wesley my God will punish you, useless man, you
know women na, I hate to see them cry
KINS : I know you dont like to hurt girl at all
WESLEY : they are so precious to me, I am not
KINS : I understand
WESLEY : you try brother, he noi easy
KINS : hahahaha, may God help you
CHARITY : you have not seen a girl that capture
your heart that’s why
WESLEY: abeg my never see am oo, I never enjoy
my life at all, please I want to go to my room, let me
go and make some calls, I need to know if any girl
is available for me tonight, see you, please call me,
when the food is ready oo
CHARITY : hahahaha
To be continued. ……….